Live a Life of Passive Income

Investing is about taking advantage of opportunity. Platinum Real Estate Advisors see opportunity to capitalize on the attractive yields available in private lending and the acquisition and ownership of real estate in both the residential and small balance commercial real estate markets.

Real estate investing is seeing it popularity increase as real estate is increasingly viewed as a fourth asset class in addition to stocks, bonds and cash. Some of the appeal creating this interest is:

  • Higher risk adjusted returns
  • Capital preservation – real estate investments are secured by a hard asset – real estate
  • Monthly cash flow – Enjoy steady income at a competitive rate of return
  • Less Volatility
  • Inflation Hedge – appreciation can offset the negative impact of inflation on investor capital
  • Diversification of your portfolio

Most investors have two goals in mind:

  1. Safeguarding the principal
  2. Maximizing the return on investment

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett once said he had two rules when investing, “Preserve the principal, and, when in doubt, see Rule Number One.”

For people who invest in the stock and bond markets, it is not uncommon to lose your principal based a number of external market forces. Maybe this is why Warren Buffett’s firm, Berkshire Hathaway, recently got into the real estate business… a good real estate investment preserves your capital.

When you invest with Platinum Real Estate Investments you have a partner, one with a deep knowledge of the real estate market, a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction in helping you reach your investment goals. You will benefit from an institutional quality lending and management platform with integrity, 100 years of experience and the formal education of a management team charged with the oversight of your investments on par with larger institutional money managers and investment advisors.

Real Estate investors often want multiple options to put their capital to work. We offer a variety of flexible solutions for you to place you cash or retirement assets consistent with your financial goals, objectives and risk profile.

We welcome inquires from individuals and asset managers seeking opportunities to place their capital. Please complete our investor inquiry form.